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Almost every nation claims concern only for peace but, mistrusting other nations, arms itself in self-defense. The result is a world that has been spending $2 billion per day on arms and armies while hundreds of millions die of malnutrition and untreated disease.
David G. Myers
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"Where’s the Love" by Trevor Hall live at Paste.

So many Gods but no love for the people
My mama told me that we’re all made equal
What are we fighting for, why are we still at war?

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can we ever really truly understand war
until we can put our fingers through the bullet holes,
smell the gunpowder,
and be devoured by the history of misery? it gets to me
thinking ‘bout ‘84, wondering,
if these troops got families of their own
don’t they realize the pain they’re causing?

what I’m fearing is a lot, man
its sad that they’re lost, even worse if they’re forgotten
bodies rotten, bulldozed, set ablaze
said they came to fight the terror, but its all a masquerade
blast away the buildings,
shoot the women and the children, drag us by our hair,
but don’t dare think we’ll disappear
we gon’ pick up the pieces ‘cause
history teaches that
freedom only exists when we can share in it

- Humble the Poet, (excerpts from) “Singh With Me”

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For Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Iran, in fact, for everyone…
Billboard by artist Peter Fuss.


For Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Iran, in fact, for everyone…

Billboard by artist Peter Fuss.

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Too late, O world, I know your joys for what they are. You promise a peace which is not yours to give.
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